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Stud earrings "Fish"

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Set stylish accents with our “Fish” stud earrings

Fish populate our oceans. They swim nimbly through the oceans and move completely freely. Sometimes alone, sometimes in large flocks - but they always look particularly free and effortless. Our delicate “Fish” stud earrings present this special maritime motif in a stylish way. Add small accents and show your connection to the endless expanse of the sea! A look at the small fish transports your mind straight to a previous day at the sea. In your mind you spend time at the sea with all your senses. Breathe in the fresh sea air, taste the salt on your lips, feel the sand under your feet, let your gaze rest on the endless expanse of the sea and at the same time hear the beguiling sound of the sea. Just wonderful. The delicate motif of the fish lets you experience all of this.

Curved lines made of elegant silver

The catchy motif of our “Fish” stud earrings speaks for itself. A minimalist fish made of curved lines is formed from fine 925 sterling silver. The curved lines combine minimalist design with beautiful meaning. The little fish represents your great love for the wide sea. The artfully curved lines illustrate the liveliness of the fish. The fish swims completely freely and gracefully through its habitat. Just like you! Simple elegance and beautiful blacksmithing form a wonderful symbiosis. Set stylish accents with our “Fish” stud earrings!

Elegant and minimalist

The delicate stud earrings conjure up beautiful accents on your ears! The elegant 925 sterling silver forms a wonderful symbiosis with the maritime motif. Together, the stud earrings represent your love of maritime motifs. Your connection to the sea shines through in style. The design radiates simple elegance. Silver, curved lines form a fish while giving space to your imagination! The curved lines shine in fine silver. This is polished and rhodium-plated, which means the earrings are tarnish-proof. The fish motif is 3.5 mm high and 6.4 mm wide. The delicate ear studs weigh just 1 gram.

The details about the “Fish” ear studs

  • Ear studs “Fish”
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • silver
  • Surface: polished, rhodium plated, other
  • Shape: figure
  • Height: 3.5mm
  • Width: 6.4mm
  • Weight: 1g